Engine Cleaning

Hydro Cleaning

We provide Hydrogen Cleaning as one of our services.

Main dealers started using Hydro Cleaning as a tool to help combat carbon build up found in some Volkswagen and Audi engines.

which in turn affects the engine performance over time.

We in turn purchased a machine so we can offer the same service.

People often spend a great deal of time and money on cleaning there vehicles but no one thinks of cleaning the inside of their engines.

Hydro cleaning will help prevent high repair bills in the future and will lower your fuel costs.

Having a Hydrogen service performed once a year as preventative maintenance will help reduce/remove carbon deposits from the entire intake system.

This includes

The EGR Valve

The Turbo

The Particle filters

You will also see a gain in



Fuel consumption

Increased engine life

decreased emissions (greener for the planet)

decreased oil consumption


engine vibration

Restored engine torque

Cleans the diesel particulate filter up to 30%


£120 2 hours cycle engine clean for optimum performance

With an mot £55

With a service £45

With a service and mot £35