MOT No pass No Fee!


Its hard to do some things better, but we try!

·      We offer a NO pass NO Fee service.

·      Free retest within 10 working days

·      Above all we offer a fair and honest test


An MOT is a test designed to keep you and others safe on the roads.

The MOT tests some important items on your vehicle to check that they meet the legal standards while also keeping your insurance valid.

We have a brand new state of the art MOT bay designed for one person testing.

The ramp is equipped with vibration plates which shake the car to check suspension components and the steering system.

The MOT is a roadworthy systems safety check, this isn’t the same as having your vehicle serviced and doesn’t check its general mechanical condition, fluid levels or provide an in depth safety inspection.

MOT Prices

£54.85 when we collect

£46.00 when you drop off or wait

£35.00 with a service whether we collect or you drop off


Car parts tested in the MOT

·      Body, vehicle structure and general items

·      Towbars

·      Fuel system

·      Exhaust emissions

·      Exhaust system

·      Seatbelts

·      Seats

·      Doors

·      Mirrors

·      Load security

·      Brakes

·      Tyres and wheels

·      Registration plates

·      Lights

·      Bonnet

·      Wipers and washers

·      Windscreen

·      Horn

·      Steering and suspension

·      Vehicle identification number (VIN)

·      Electrical