Braking system


The braking system is the most important safety system on your vehicle and it is vital the correct quality components are used.

Brake pads and discs help minimise stopping distances, maximising your safety and other road users.

It is imperative to fit only parts that are designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle and are tailored to its weight, engine power and speed for peak braking performance.

Specifically designed brake pads eliminate juddering, screeching, chattering, grinding, vibrations and burning smells.


Brake fluid

Brake fluid plays an important role in the performance of your braking system.

If your fluid is not changed in the service intervals it can cause moisture build up in the brake lines, this can lead to a spongy brake pedal, brake fade or tiny rust particles clogging up the abs system.

The usual service interval for a brake fluid change is every2 years.


Brake service

There’s more to brakes than just pads and discs.

Sometimes you may have healthy pads but have an annoying squeak or uneven braking.

Our compressive brake service can find any issues so we can cure the problem.

We completely strip down every brake component on each wheel, clean, grease rebuild and adjust making sure they are safe and reliable.

We will also check the entire braking system for peace of mind.



Pads from £90

Pads and Discs from £150

Brake fluid service £75