Aircon services

Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioning service is one of the most important maintenance items you and your car needs.

Not keeping up with your service can caules excessive wear on the pump that could lead to pump failure and expensive repair bills.

a service will also help to prevent bacterial build up in the car that can caules health problems.

A service will get rid of any smells, make the air colder in the car and clear a misty screen much quicker.


AC and Vent cleaner

Over time, bacteria build up in your heater ducting will need to be cleaned out.

Sometimes a dirty sock smell can be present.

We pump a powerful antibacterial cleaner around the system killing 99.99% or of germs and bacteria.

Thanks to technology, this is a simple process and takes around15 minuets.


Do I need a AC service?

You should carry out an AC service at least every 2 years.

If you are not sure we do offer a free check, call the office to book



Aircon Service R134a (old gas) £72

Aircon Service R1234yf (new gas) £120

Aircon Service hybirds £120

Aircon bacteria cleaner £25